From brain implants to totalitarian tendencies, the landscape of prepping (and society in general) is going through a significant shift. While the prepping basics will always be our highest priority, what we do and say has become public information. And this is just the beginning. 

Remember when people were up in arms about their Samsung tv or Alexa spying on them? That’s small potatoes compared to what’s happening today and minuscule to what will happen shortly. 

Tonight we’ll be going over a few things on the horizon that are bound to reshape society and how our global “leaders” see it as an opportunity to seize more control. Some of these emerging technologies are great for society, but if history is any guide, it WILL be used against us. 

We’ll also discuss how some of these technologies are not all bad, even though they are bound to be used by the rich and powerful to remain rich and powerful. From a prepper’s perspective, how can this help us, and what are some things we should watch out for?  

Links from the show…

Alex Jones Running the W.H.O. (The Babalon Bee)

New JAN 6th Info 

Godfather of AI Video

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