In today’s show, we discuss the underlying issues with the Facebook whistleblower, govt corruption and ineptitude, how society’s priorities have been skewed, and how healthcare and education are a mess. All of these can be traced back to politicians who could care less about the common person.

As with every Blabbercast episode, we discussed a wide range of topics. In this show, we also talked about a few graphics from the website WTFHappenedIn1971 that shows how our priorities as a society are way off. Make sure and check out that website, the statics since going off the gold standard are staggering.

Preparing for Martial Law

Over at Survivalist Prepper we did a live video about preparing for Martial Law and how likely it might be. We also covered quite a bit in that video about what the government can do even if Martial Law isn’t enacted.

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    • Mike

      Have you guys read th 10 book series by A American? It’s the survivalist series. It talks about what could happen if the world went to shit due to an emp. It’s crazy probable and realistic

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