This week We have Kevin Reiter from the Wilderness Safety Institute on with us to talk about Bug Out Vehicles, the difference between Bushcraft and wilderness medicine, and Cyber Security.

Because we had such a long conversation with Kevin we decided to break this show up into 2 parts. In part 1 we talked about what Kevin has done to his truck to make it bug out ready as well as being his everyday truck. Brian will start working on his van in the near future, and Dale has a few ideas of his own.

As we discussed in the show, a bug out vehicle doesn’t need to be something that sits in the driveway waiting for disaster to strike and cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. There are plenty of options for making our everyday vehicle bug out ready.

Wild Safety

The second half of the show is all about bushcraft and wilderness safety. Most preppers (myself included) tend to lump bushcraft and wilderness medicine into 1 category. In reality they are 2 completely separate things. Bushcraft is learning about building shelter and starting fire, while wilderness medicine is about managing injuries that may happen when no medical help is available.

Links Mentioned in the Show…

Click here to see Kevin’s truck progress

Click here to read about his solar setup

Free Hiking Planner

Kevin also has a free hiking plan if you would like to download it. As we talked about in the show, if you are going hiking, you want someone to know about it.

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