In today’s show we talked about how 2021 might suck even worse than 2020 does. With the election coming up, the possible second wave of covid and the likely civil unrest on the horizon, the coming months could be interesting to say the lest.

We had Dales wife Lisa on with us today to talk about the Corona Virus, a couple of conspiracies, and of course aliens. Because Lisa was on with us today we decided to review The Hunger Games and talk about how some of the underlying stories apply to preparedness and life in general.

Here is a list of all the topics we covered this week…

  • The Joe Biden interview about his cognitive awareness
  • Is Covid coming around for a second time? Is it over hyped?
  • Movie Reviews: Hunger Games & Red Dawn
  • The George Floyd police body cam footage, what does it mean?
  • Conspiracies and Aliens

If you have any comments, show ideas or questions feel free to reach out to us.

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