Could all the riots, civil unrest and clashes be leading up to a civil war in the future for the United States? Brian and I talked about all this and much more in this week’s show. With the shooting in Portland, the Kyle Rittenhouse case, and the Jacob Blake case, it seems like we could be heading down a dangerous path.

Looting and riots seem to be commonplace in recent months and accepted by our politicians and the mainstream media, but what does all this mean for our future and out personal safety and security.

In the show Brian and I talked about an interview Lars Larson did with Massad Ayoob about the Jacob Blake shooting and you can listen to that below.

We also covered a video from a lawyer that goes over the details of the Rittenhouse incident and discussed whether or not it was self defense. The video below goes into quite a bit of detail from the video footage.

We also talked about the show Fernando Ferfal and Matt Brakens do on YouTube and particularly the show they did recently talking about neighborhood security and fighting at night.

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