Doing a preparedness threat assessment, Jerry Nadler shits himself, the supreme court, government overreach and the ruling class. All this and more in this weeks show.

To start the show off this week Brian and I talked about how important it is to do a personal threat assessment to hone in your preparedness plans. We also covered the steps of preforming a S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Weaknesses) analysis. For more information on doing a threat assessment you can download this guide I created at

We also talked about an article from the Organic Prepper about the fragility of our supply lines. Daisy Luther Article supply lines. We saw the disruptions during the peak of the covid pandemic which shows how things can go from status quo, to bad in just a few days.

In Covid news this week we talked about how vitamin D is important for your immune system and how the lockdown in Victoria Australia. How would we have reacted here in the United States if these restrictions were set in place here? Not very well I’m guessing.

In the political portion of the show we talked about how it appears Jerry Nadler (and most of our politicians) need a fresh pair of Depends. How concerned should we be that a good number of our politicians belong in nursing homes? Yet another example of why we need term limits for all politicians.

We also covered how the ruling class plays by a different set of rules, and how inequality is the real reason we should be concerned in the U.S.A. not racisms. Calling everything racist is a tool for the government to keep everyone divided and under their thumb.

Were Going Live!

We did this show on Facebook live this week, but as most of you know our view on Facebook is not very good. They sensor conservative voices, collect every piece of data they can get their hands on, and decide what you “need” to see.

While YouTube does this as well, they don’t hold a candle to Zuckerberg’s crew. This is why we plan on doing our live shows on YouTube as soon as we can. To do this we need at least 1000 subscribers. Because this show is so young were not there yet.

You can help us out by subscribing to our YouTube channel here. Make sure and click the “get notifications” button to get updated when we do go live or post something new.

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