In this week’s show we have Sara and Chin from The Changing Earth Podcast on with us to talk about our political class and the mainstream media are fanning the flames of division, and how that causes the civil unrest we see today. We also covered our roller coaster ride to socialism, and the subject of human trafficking and how that might look in a true SHTF situation.

 Along with human trafficking and civil unrest we also talked about their recent visit to Prepper Camp and Sara’s move out of communist California to Texas, as well as out thoughts on the coming election, and the chaos that may follow.

Civil Unrest

While some of the chaos seems to be slowing down as of late, the tensions are still high between the right and the left. This is because the mainstream media and our politicians continue to fan the flames.

Because our politicians (both sides) have been successful and getting their base riled up to fever pitch, protests followed by counter protests are bound to end in violence.

The United States of Socialist America

We talked in the show about whether or not it’s inevitable that the United States will at some point become a socialist country. While we had differing opinions on this subject, we discussed what things need to change, and what things are leading us down this road.

Human Trafficking

You don’t heal a lot about human trafficking in the news because every story is about “Trump Bad”, “Were all Going to Die From Covid” or “America is Racist”.

The truth is, human trafficking is a huge problem worldwide. Here is an article from that has some pretty startling facts about human trafficking.

We also covered how this might look in a true SHTF situation. Human trafficking plays a big role in Sara’s book series and brings up some important questions about how likely it is that humans could be used as barter, labor, sex workers, and slaves.

The Changing Earth Podcast

For anyone who hasn’t listened to Sara’s podcast or read her books, make sure and have a look at the Changing Earth Website. Her and her co-host Chin have put together a great podcast, and anyone who enjoys “prepper fiction” will love her book series.

There are some authors out there that aren’t really preppers, and some that are. Sara is the real deal, and in that small group of prepper fiction authors that actually live the life, not just write about it.

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