This week Dale and Brian talk about the Chinese influence on our economy and how they have seemingly infiltrated the mainstream media, and social media. They also go over the “dark winter” comment by Joe Biden, and gun legislation.

You can find all the links to the video clips we played in the show below, as well as a little more detail about the topics covered this week.

The China Connection

If you just listen to the mainstream media you probably think that the biggest threat to the United states is Russia. This is because the media has been gas lighting us for 4 years now.

The truth is China has been trying to get their fingers into our economy and popular culture for years. In the show we played a couple of clips from Zooming In with Simone Gao. Make sure and watch the full video below.

Government Waste & Spending

The American economy looks to be on a bumpy road in the coming years, and how, when and/or if it rebounds all depends on who you talk to. Some people say it won’t take long to rebound once Covid subsides, but we don’t share that opinion.

Regardless what happens in the next few years, there could be more done to take the “bloat” and unnecessary spending in Washington. The video below is senator Tim Scott talking about government waste.

Winter is Coming

In the final debate Biden made the statement that we are headed for a “Dark Winter”. Back in 2001 there was a government simulation called Dark Winter that projected what would happen if terrorists were able to spread smallpox.

Here is a video from BlazeTV that talks about that simulation…

Since then there have been 2 more simulation with the most current one being done in 2019 called Clade X. Clade X focuses on a much larger scenario which was centered around a virus like Covid coming from nature.

Firearm Legislation

Towards the end of the show we talked about the firearms legislation that we might be looking at with a Harris/Biden administration. Yes, I said Harris/Biden because I don’t think Biden will last a full 4 years…or possibly even 1.

The Final Debate

The final presidential debate was more like a chess match that the boxing match the first debate was. While it wasn’t as fun to watch, it showed the differences in each candidates approaches to Covid and the economy.

Other Places to Listen & Watch

We have some great things in the plans for 2020 and if you’d like hear more from us you can do so on YouTube and Facebook when we go live.

We are planning on moving away from the Facebook platform, but for now that is the only realistic option. When we make any changes we’ll let you know here or on the show.

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