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In todays show Brian and Dale have Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher hosts of Prepping 2.0 on to talk about Civil Unrest, Media Bias, The State of the United States, and their prepping journeys.

This show is basically a coffee table conversation covering topics that are at the heart of preparedness. These topics are also very relevant to what our lives could look like in the coming years.

Censorship and the Exodus to Parler

We began the show talking about why we have all chosen to put Facebook on the back burner and head over to Parler. For those that don’t know, Parler is a new social media website whose foundation is based on free speach.

Here is a short video about how to use Parler, and you can find the links to follow all of us below the video

If you decide to join, or already have make sure and follow us over at Parler to keep in touch. Just click on the names below…

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Media Bias and Election Reform

While the mainstream media bias is nothing new, the heights they are willing to go seem to be. From the cover up of the Hunter Biden story, the the complete unwillingness to even speak about election fraud, their bias is undeniably.

The 4 of us also talked about if it’s possible that we see some sort of election reform when programs like Dominion, and the governments inability to keep accurate voter rolls.

Unfortunately none of us had very high hopes. It seems to be the American way to forget about important issues when the next crisis comes along.

Glen & Shelby’s Book Predictions

Glen and Shelby live in the pacific northwest and spoke of their experiences with Liberal city decay. It’s no coincidence that large cities are mainly run by liberals, and people are fleeing these large cities in mass.

During the show Glen and Shelby shared a few examples about how some parts of their fictional books have become fact. Glen actually gave Shelby “Nostradamus award” for how prophetic her book was. There was much more to this story in the show, as well as how they met.

Prepping Popularity

To illustrate the point about how bad things are getting here in the U.S. Shelby shared some stats about how popular prepping has become since the Covid pandemic started.

The shocking part of these numbers wasn’t how many people were preparing because of the pandemic, a large majority think Civil Unrest is highly likely.

Prepping Challenges & Prepping as a couple

To wrap up this weeks show we all discussed how having electricity in most disaster scenarios is an absolute must, and a few ways to go about it. In any disaster (big or small) the grid would likely be affected and our daily routines would need to change.

Just like rationing food and water, we will need to carefully manage how much electricity we use, and how we replenish it without the grid.

Prepping 2.0

For the few of you who don’t know Shelby and Glen do a weekly podcast and radio show called Prepping 2.0 and are authors of quite a few prepper fiction books.

Their show as well as their website is a gold mine for anyone that is looking to become better prepared, or anyone who is just starting out. I highly recommend that you head over to Prepping 2.0 and have a look for yourself.

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