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Today in the show Dale and Brian talk to Morgan who runs the Rogue Preparedness website and YouTube channel. They cover a wide range of topics including prepping in a dry climate, gimmicky prepping supplies, possible food shortages, prepping mistakes and more.

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To find out more about Morgan and Rogue Preparedness you can subscribe to her YouTube channel here, and she also has her website here. She is very active on YouTube and posts about a wide range of prepping topics. She also shares her own preparedness journey.

Topics From the Show…

Prepping in a Dry Climate: We talked about some of the challenges Morgan faces living in a dry climate. How she gets water, gardening, hunting and even predator’s.

Bunkers, Silos & Rich Preppers: Somehow we stumbled onto the topic of underground bunkers, and how rich people are about the only people who can afford these.

Gimmicky Prepping Supplies: Most of us have fallen for them, and we probably will again. We talked about some of the prepping supplies that are just plain unnecessary gimmicks.

One Uppers & Opinionated Preppers: If you’ve been on line in prepper groups you have no doubt come across the “one upper” prepper. We discussed how we deal with them in the show.

Food Shortages & Lock Downs: We talked about how food is in short supply is some places, and how that could get even worse in the coming months. We also covered what the next round of lock downs could mean, and the after affects of it.

3 Big Prepping Mistakes: At the end of the show each of us gave our thoughts on some of the biggest prepping mistakes people make. You can jump to that section of the sow using the links above.

Updates at D&D…

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