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This week Brain and Dale go over some great low cost gift ideas for preppers, and review the movie “The Plot Against the President. They also had Lisa on a little later in the show to bring back Tin Foil Hat Time.

Lisa talked about how she was listening to Clyde Lewis about how the Covid vaccine could turn out to be the mark of the beast. We try to have fun with Tin Foil Hat Time, so don’t take this too literally.

10 Prepping Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again where every prepping and survival website posts a list of good gift ideas for preppers. Here is a list of the 10 prepper gifts we came up with that we might want as a gift.

For more detailed information about this list you can read the 10 prepper gifts article here.

Here are Dale’s 5 Gift Ideas…

  • Boker Plus 09BO778 Fire Starter
  • 25000mAh, Tranmix Solar Power Bank
  • Gas ONE Propane or Butane Stove
  • Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar
  • Off Grid Tools OGT-SA100 Survival Axe

Here are Brian’s Gift Ideas…

  • 4Monster Hiking, Lightweight Packable Backpack
  • Gerber LST Knife
  • Titan 620LB SurvivorCord
  • LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle
  • S.O.L. Lightweight Emergency Bivvy

The Plot Against The President

If you haven’t watched the movie The Plot Against the President I highly suggest you do. Even if you grew tired of the whole Russia conspiracy crap, this documentary really puts everything into perspective.

Below are some of the points we took away from this documentary…

  • In this article they talk about how this movie was held back by Facebook and Amazon for 2 week before the election
  • We watched this play out over the course of 2 years and became complacent with it. This Documentary put’s everything into 2 hours and should be alarming to anyone, regardless of political affiliation. 
  • If you watch this and still think it’s a conspiracy that the MSM is aligned with the left, you are choosing to ignore it. 
  • It tells the full story of why Michael Flynn was targeted, and why Trump should have never caved on the Flynn situation. 
  • What we have done to other countries over the years is now getting turned against U.S. citizens. 
  • We are turning into a banana republic, and no one cares. 
  • This is why I believe there is something going on with this election and the voting, and also why I think we will never know.

Tin Foil Hat Time

In the show this week Lisa join us to go over how the Covid vaccine could be the mark of the beast from biblical prophecy. We also talked about other things like cellphones and implants that could be the mark of the beast.

Live Video and BOL

We mentioned in the beginning and the end of the show that we are going to try and be more consistent as far as the live videos go. W plan on doing then on Saturday nights if it’s only Brain and I. If we have a guest on with us it will be either Friday or Saturday.

We are also doing an “after show” segment were we end the live stream and talk one on one with Academy members. If you are a member and can’t make the live chat, we will also post the replay on the Academy each Monday.

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