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Operational security & risk assessment come down to three basic principals. What do you have to protect, what are you protecting it from, and what are you protecting it with.

Today in the show Duff & Dale have Ed Clark on to talk about risk assessment, your risk profile, as well as some of his preparedness plans.

This weeks Show Topics…

Below is a brief description of what we discussed in this weeks show. You can use the links above to jump directly to the point in the podcast where we talked about each subject.

Ed’s Prepping Plans: Along with going over assessing your risk profile, Ed also gave us an inside peek at some of the things he’s doing to become better prepared. While Ed doesn’t label himself a “prepper” he understands the value of being prepared.

Risk Assessment: Operational security starts with doing a risk profile. the three things we should ask ourselves is what am I protecting, what an I protecting if from, and what am I protecting it with.

This not only goes for the prepping supplies we have stored, but also our online security, and information security.

Gun Legislation: If Biden and/or Harris become the next U.S. president, who knows what kind of gun legislation we can expect.

Putting Yourself at Risk: Towards the end of the show we talked about some of the stupid shit people do that put them at risk. This conversation ended up becoming all about open carry and why it’s a bad idea.

Grayl Water filter & Hydration: We all know that being able to hydrate is the number 1 priority when it comes to survival. We talked with Ed about some of his options, and also the Grayl Water bottle filter he recently purchased.

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