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In todays show the guys talk to Dave who does the RV Prepper Podcast about how he incorporates his RV into his preparedness plans. Dave and his wife have been prepping for many years now, and he shares his thoughts on what he’s learned in that time.

This show is yet another example of how prepping and being prepared is different for everyone. We each need to factor our strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle into our preparedness plans, and do what works best for us.

Show Topics

Below are a few of the topics we covered inn this weeks show, and you can also click the link above that says “Click here to jump to each topic” to skip to each segment.

In the After Show we talked about how this country is slowly turning into a socialist country. Brian and Dave have been to quite a few socialist countries, and shared their experiences in the show. The After Show segment is available to Bug Out Location members here.

  • Testing your Preps: Having the right prepping supplies is great, but making sure they work is the important part. It’s not only important to research these preparedness supplies before we buy them, we also need to put them to the test. A SHTF situation is no time to find out that fancy solar blanket isn’t all its cracked up to be.
  • Family on Board & Prepping Urgency: We talked to Dave about how “onboard” his family is with prepping, and some challenges with getting the buy in from family members who are a little apprehensive. We also talked about why people tend to let off the gas pedal with preparedness.
  • Prepping Hacks: We’ve all seen the videos about the 150 ways to start a fire, and how to make cordage out of a 2ltr bottle. While some of these are great, some serve no purpose other than wasting your time.
  • Bug Out Locations & Prepping Gear: Dave has his cabin and an RV which basically gives him 2 bug out locations. We talked to him how both of these locations work into his prepping plans.
  • Evasion & Prepping Contacts: Traveling in an RV for half the year offers both benefits and challenges. We talked to Dave scouting different locations, and his contacts within the RV community.
  • Covid Preppers: This pandemic has caused an increased interest in RV’s, and people wanting to “get away” from other people. We talked about how because of the pandemic the crazy prepper stigma is going away.
  • Where the Country is Headed: Regardless what your thoughts are on the election or Covid, there is no doubt we could be headed for hard times in the near future. The economy and government corruption are 2 of the main concerns heading into 2021.

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Live Video

The Duff&Dale show not only has the audio podcast, but we also do live videos every week on our YouTube channel. You can join us every Friday at 5 PM (MST) where we answer questions and go over current events that apply to preparedness.

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