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This week we have a bonus episode for you. We recorded a live video over at the Survivalist Prepper YouTube channel about preparedness planning, China infiltrating the government, and where we could be heading in 2021.

We also went over what exactly the deep state is. Before Donald Trump, our politicians at least made an effort to cover this up, but now the door is open for all to see.

Show Topics This Week…

Planning and Building a Foundation: To start the show off we went over 2 of the most important aspects of preparedness when your first starting out. These are preparedness planning, and building a good foundation.

China Infiltrating the Government: To anyone reading this, it probably comes as no surprise that China is a bigger threat to the U.S. than Russia ever was…or will be. We also talked about this in a past podcast here.

Pine Island &The Deep State: Brian found a video with Saager Enjeti from the Hill that shows a Chinese business man praising the fact that Joe Biden will soon be in office. He also explained how Pine Island Capital is a conduit for the deep state.

Removing Joe Biden: With Pelosi talking about the 25th amendment a few months back, and with the Mainstream Medias sudden interest in the Hunter Biden story, it begs the question, Are there plans on replacing Joe with Kamala?

Where are we headed going into 2021: All of this leads us to the question “what is 2021 and beyond going to look like.” Unless you are one of the elite economic troubles are just around the corner. And with this Obama 2.0 administration who knows what they try to pull.

Fauci & the Vaccine: Are you taking the vaccine when it becomes available to the general population? I will avoid it like the plague (pun intended). In the show we talked about what they might do to ensure we don’t have a choice.

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