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This week in the show We have the father of wilderness medicine Dr. William Forgey on with us to talk about his new book The Preppers Medical Handbook.

We talked about the different types of situations preppers might face in a disaster scenario, how to treat pain, and how his book is more of an encyclopedia rather than a “read from cover to cover” type book.

As I mentioned in the show, this is one of the best resources a prepper can have in their preparedness library. This Prepper Medical Handbook doesn’t spend a whole chapter on how to suture, or splint a broken bone.

While it does have those in there, it’s more of a reference of different types of illnesses and injuries you might run into, and how to treat them. It’s available in both Kindle and paperback, and I subject investing in the physical copy.

Topics in This Week’s Show…

Off Grid vs On Grid: In this segment from our show with Dr. Forgey, we discussed the difference between off grid medicine and grid medicine.

We also covered what types of medical situations preppers might face in a disaster or SHTF situation. Some could be bugging out or getting home situations, but most will be situations that arise in our prepping groups or within our family at home.

Long-Term Collapse: We started this off by talking about how prepping doesn’t have to be a job, and how learning about Prepping is Fun. We then went into what the long term Collapse timeframe would be, and what we might need.

The Reality of Survival: In a survival situation managing The Little Stuff could be more important than the larger, more unlikely injuries. Without treatment, something small could turn into a major headache for everyone involved.

Dental Care & Pain Medications: Towards the end of the show we went over why dental care is both overlooked and important. We also talked about managing pain in a survival situation, and some of the different options.

The After Show

In this weeks After Show segment we talked with Dr. Forgey about antibiotics and prescription medications. That segment is available for members of the Bug Out Location here.

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