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One aspect of our preparedness plans that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is our health and fitness. This week we have Chris on with us from AIM Human Performance to talk about being physically ready for a disaster or SHTF event.

Just like every other part of preparedness, the more we do about our health before a disaster situation the better. While some of us have limitations that are unavoidable, there are some areas of our health and fitness we tend to overlook.

Topics From This Weeks Show…

  • Pandemic Traffic & Lockdowns: Chris lives on the east coast and we talked about “Slug Line’s” and how traffic went from nonexistent in the beginning to “almost normal” recently. We also covered the next wave of lockdowns.
  • Health & Fitness in Pandemic: While it’s more of a challenge to stay active in a pandemic, it’s not impossible. Chris talked about “Embracing the Suck” and how we need to think outside the box with health and fitness.
  • Being Farmer Strong: This goes hand in hand with the aspects of physical fitness for preppers we covered above. Being farmer strong means being physically ready for a crisis. Being healthy will also help to avoid need for some medications.
  • Nutrition for Preppers: Something that gets overlooked during our busy lives is what we are putting into our bodies. In the show we talked about putting good fuel into our bodies, some diets that work, and making a lifestyle change rather than going on a diet.

If you haven’t listened to last weeks show with Dr. William Forgey, it is a great compliment to this show. In our show with Dr. Forgey we talked about his book “The Preppers Medical Handbook” and how it’s a great resource for preppers.

As with all aspects of preparedness, there is no one size fits all health & fitness plan. You need to do whatever works best for you, and try to become as physically ready as possible for whatever life may throw at you.

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