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While we’re all glad to see 2020 done and gone, 2021 could end up being a make or break year in the United States. China is trying to take over the world, and our government seems to be uninterested in our economy, or it’s citizens.

This week Dale & Brian have Lisa on with them to talk about some Food Storage Best Practices, Chinese Super Soldiers, The Great Reset, and what the “Modern Monetary Theory” is.

Topics From This Weeks Show

Food Storage Best Practices: To begin the show off we talked about what our prepping priorities are heading into 2021, and food storage is a big one. With so many things going on all at once, it’s hard to say 1 area of preparedness is more important than the other.


Best Survival Foods to Stockpile

Important Prepping Links

Chinese Super Soldiers: It may come as no surprise, but China is not only trying to financially take over the world, but as a backup plan they are working on developing super soldiers.

While the U.S. is probably doing the same thing, the difference is China is using healthy people to test their gene editing theories. They are trying to create soldiers that can handle extreme weather conditions and biological threats.

The Great Reset: While this is nothing new, the great reset could become a major issues heading into 2021. As they say “never let a good crisis go to waste”. The sad part about this plan is that there is a large majority of people who will follow along.

The Modern Monetary Theory Explained: If you haven’t heard about the new way the government plans to validate our national debt, your not alone. I had no idea about the MMT until Brian wrote this article explaining what it’s all about.

Basically it says that the government can print money on demand, and it’s perfectly fine. So our concerns about hyper inflation, an economic collapse, and over taxation are unwarranted.

And I’ve got swampland in Arizona to sell also.

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