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In today’s Duff & Dale reflect on the recent riots at the capital, and what that it might mean in the near future for the United States. As we stated in our podcast prior to this, the riots were unacceptable, but the root cause goes deeper that election irregularities.

We have become a country that feels increasingly disenfranchised, and no longer trust that the media or our politicians have our best interests at heart. This goes for every side of the isle. Left, right, or in the middle. Government corruption is nothing new, but seems to be in overdrive recently.

This Weeks Topics

  • The DC Riot’s Fallout: As Thomas Jefferson once wrote “Unsuccessful rebellions indeed generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people”. Regardless what your opinion is about current events, censorship will no doubt get worse.
  • Capitalizing on the Riots: You can bet that the Democrat party will use this every chance they get to fracture the Republican party in effort to push through their agenda. Pay close attention to how this gets used in upcoming gun legislation.
  • All conservatives are Now Extremists: As with everything else, there is no gray area in politics. The actions of a few have now branded the entire Republican party as extremists.
  • Government Corruption: Our government is proving over and over again that, it’s not “for the people anymore.” Cities can burn throughout the entire year without a concern, but once it affects them the rules change.
  • Term Limits: We discussed in the show how term limits will never happen because the politicians that make the rules will never fire themselves. This is the catch 22 of letting the fox run the hen house.
  • Overt Censorship: In the show I demonstrated how google and Duck Duck Go have completely different search results. How we get our information is now in the hands of a few very large and powerful companies.
  • Home Security: Towards the end of the show Brain and I talked about why home security is so important, and what we can do to improve it. We talked about the three topics below…
  • Home Security (Security Zones)
  • Home Security (Deterrents)
  • Home Security (Doors & Windows)

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