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Today in the show we take an in depth look at trauma care, having prepping groups vs having a network, and what we can expect from Covid in the coming weeks and months.

Rather than go over the same talking points you hear and see on all the prepping websites and YouTube videos, we dig deeper into each of these important prepping topics.

Trauma Care & Skills

  • The ABC’s of Trauma Care.
  • Realistic Training: It’s about more than the supplies.
  • Permissive vs non permissive: What happens if higher care isn’t available. 
  • Stress testing yourself & your supplies.
  • Alternatives Supplies and equipment.      

Prepping Groups & Networks

Prepping groups and networks in general is a hot topic in the preparedness community. With everything going on right now, and the possibility it get’s worse, it’s important to have as many people on your side as possible.

  • A Network Vs Formalized Group.
  • Getting to Know the Neighbors.
  • Building a Network of Like Minded People: They don’t have to be “preppers”.

Angry Prepper: 5 Hazardous Attitudes NOT To Have In A Prepper Group

  • Anti Authority
  • Impulsivity 
  • Invulnerability (overestimates their skills) Puts people at risk 
  • Resignation (the Quitter or the Doubter) 
  • Alpha Male/Female (The Asshole)

Covid Here to Stay? 

Lockdowns, lies and the new normal

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