As the saying goes “never let a crisis go to waste”. Well the fine folks at the World Economic Forum and other global elites are taking that to heart. Once a conspiracy theory, the Great Reset is in high gear. All onder the guise of equality and sustainability.

Is suppose that’s why there is such a push to disarm the average law abiding American, and why the “woke mob” is needed to push popular culture in the right direction.

Topics Covered This Week…

Alternative Energy: What happens when turning on the light isn’t as simple as flipping the switch? What happens when turning up the thermostat does nothing to heat your home? Reasons like these are why it’s important to have an alternative energy power plan. A power outage could last from a few hours to a few days. A grid down event would be much longer. We need to be prepared for both.

Davos & The Great Reset: We’ve talked a few times about how if the “elites” have their way they will control every aspect of our lives…all in the name of “Equality” Today we go over their plans to harness the 4th industrial revolution and make all of us “equally” screwed.

HR127: While the gun legislation or should I say gun registration proposal has little chance of passing as is, it should still be concerning to all of us. This is basically the gun control playbook laid out before us. This bill may not pass, but every piece of it could become law eventually.

The Woke Mob: Is American prosperity killing us from the inside out? Because we’ve been lucky enough to have no “real” problems, we seem to be inventing things to be outraged about. Cancel culture and political correctness has taken over popular culture here in America, and the consequences could be very costly.

Links from the show…

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