In todays show we discuss whether or not a pole shift would send us into the dark ages? What makes us interested in preparedness? And the consequences of a selective attacks on misinformation.

Would a Pole Shift Mean Disaster? Would a shift in our magnetic poles really cause a cascade of disasters? The possibilities are there, although opinions on this are conflicted. Because a pole shift only happens every 300,000 years of so, no one really knows.

Left Brain or Right Brain: In the show we are going to discuss “what makes us tick? Are we right brained or left brained, and does that really matter? For whatever reason there are major similarities in people who are interested in preparedness, and people’s political affiliation… Or lack thereof.

Cancel Culture: While cancel culture has been around for centuries, in the last decade or so political correctness and cancel culture seem to be in high gear. While some of this is simple evolution, some take this way too far.

Selective Attacks on Misinformation: For as long as I can remember there has always been bias in the mainstream media, but everything escalated after the Capital Riot. Now politicians are going after right leaning news agencies, and it begs the question, why does it seem so one sided?

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