In todays show we discuss the pros and cons of bartering in a SHTF situation, some escape and evasion techniques, and a few scenarios that would cause the collapse of the U.S. as we know it.

This show s themed around large scale collapse or SHTF scenarios. While it’s important to plan for the smaller disasters on a local level, we can’t afford to disregard the larger scenarios.

Escape & Evasion: As preppers, when we think about escape and evasion tactics we immediately think about the worst-case scenario. We think about escaping a war zone cause by civil unrest, and evading large numbers of marauders looking to steal our supplies and do us harm.

While this is possible, and extremely important to plan for, not every scenario is a worst-case scenario. Understanding escape and evasion tactics could be beneficial in a wide number of disaster scenarios including natural disasters.

U.S. Collapse Scenarios: With an ongoing pandemic, increasing unemployment, and an ever-growing amount of social unrest, 2021 is starting off as one of the more chaotic years in decades. With so much chaos, the obvious question to ask is how much is too much? How much can our institutions sustain before they begin to fall apart?

Bartering for Preppers: Regardless your opinions on bartering, it’s a popular topic amongst preppers. I suppose it’s because it’s an interesting topic, and a way to increase your “survivability” in a SHTF situation.

Anyone who focuses a lot of energy and resources on bartering is probably more concerned about becoming a “Post Collapse Walmart” rather than survivability. That being said, there are some situations where bartering would be, or may become necessary.

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