The Decline of Democracy: As the saying goes, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. More than any other empire of the past, this holds true with the comparison between Rom and the United States. Rome went from a well-functioning republic to a dysfunctional republic which eventually led way to a dictatorship.

There is quite a bit of correlation between what happened in Rome in the final stages of it’s republic and what we are seeing here in the United States today. Greed, Corruption, inequality, and civil wars all led to the fall of a Roman government that was for the people.

Vaccine Passports: On the surface this seems innocent enough, but we know that once the government gets involved, things change quickly. Once the door is opened to allow the government to track and trace who has gotten the vaccine, what else will they decide they need to track and trace in the future? 

There are also privacy concerns with a vaccine passport. Whether it’s big business or big government that gets their hands on more of our data, it’s bound to be used against us at some point. Any time the government does something “for the greater good” it ALWAYS gets abused. Just look at the history of taxation, the educations system, and the second amendment.

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