The Most Important Prepping Supplies

When it comes to preparedness and surviving any disaster that might come your way, there is no shortage of survival tools, supplies and prepping gear you can buy. It seems like some of these survival supply companies are trying to reinvent the wheel and are always coming up with some “new and Improved” survival gadget or trinket that will “save your life” in a SHTF scenario.

The truth is, nothing beats a good old fashioned ferro rod and a little skill. While we all love to try out the trinkets and gadgets, and some are actually useful, nothing beats the basics when it comes to preparedness and survival.

MSM Lies & Propaganda

Over the past week we have seen a few examples of how the media will spin their narrative and even create stories. This however is just a small sample of something that have been going on for centuries. In recent years this seems to have gotten worse. Possibly because all these media organizations are owned by a small groups of big corporations, and partly because everyone is fighting for attention in an oversaturated 24 hour news market.

Ending Gun Violence Forever!

Good news! President Biden has solved the gun violence issue. With the recent executive orders on banning ghost guns and pistol braces it will be almost impossible for a criminal to get their hands on a firearm. He also nominated David Chipman to head up the AFT, or the FTA, or maybe the ATF. We’ll know more when (or if) Biden figures it out.

If anyone knows how to disarm someone, it’s David Chipman. The same David Chipman that disarmed all the woman and children at Waco by burning it to the ground.

Hopefully my sarcasm came though as clearly as intended because there is nothing good about ANY of these executive orders. All this does is make felons out of law abiding gun owners. In the podcast we go over all the details of these executive orders aimed at disarming the American public.

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