This week Duff and Dale talk go over how the media, politics and current events play into our personal situational awareness. We covered what some good (and bad) news sources are, and how social media affects our decision-making process.

 In our Covid news segment we talked about the correlation between the number of positives tests and the decreasing death rate of the virus. While it remains a threat, it doesn’t seem to be as deadly as once believed.

Here are all the topics we covered in this week’s show, as well as a few links we mentioned…

  • Corona News: Death rates not rising?
  • Situational awareness and how to hone the skill
  • Trustworthy media outlets
  • Trump Election Delay Tweet – Who will win election?
  • Hurricane Isaias
  • Update on Oregon Protests
  • Challenges for police officers

Links from the Show…

Improving Situational Awareness

The Decision Making Process

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