In this episode of the Blabbercast Livestream, we discuss the western drought and the teetering power grid that may be nearing collapse. We also discuss the recent hero-ended, attempted mass shooting in Ohio. Finally, we wrap it up with a discussion on the hubs of misinformation and how it’s splitting society.

In our Blabbercast Live Shows, we take a walk around the edges of prepping and discuss current events, random news, and anything that might affect us in the future. This show is less about what you need or how to prepare and more about why.

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    1 Response to "TBC045: Blackouts, Gun Laws, & Natural Disasters"

    • Gary Coit

      Good afternoon!

      First off, I’d like to say I am a huge fan of all
      3 podcasts/shows. I have been a long time listener to both of you and you guys rock! I do have a question I’d like a different angle on.
      I live in Wisconsin, and I have an off grid property, with a small mobile home in northern Wisconsin. When I am up at the property, I run everything off of a generator and a small solar powered system. My issue is water in the winter time. Everything freezes, because there isn’t power since it is an off grid property I’m not at full time. I have a wood stove, so I can have heat, cook, process water, etc. I have thought about a well, or sandpoint, but it is extremely expensive. How do I store water when everything is frozen? Any ideas would be phenomenal!

      Again, I absolutely love the content you both put out. I just became a lifetime member, and am navigating the websites for ideas as well. Thanks for all you guys do!

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