In this video we talked to Kevin Reiter of The Wilderness Safety Institute about how he has converted his everyday driver truck into a Bug Out Vehicle. While he still drives it on a daily basis, it also serves as a camper and a Motel when he’s on the road teaching classes.

In the first part of the video Kevin gives us a basic overview of everything he has done so far including the shell, tarp, roof rack and even a 5 gallon bucket toilet.

We also talked about how much he has put into his truck, and other options that might be available for people that may not want to spend what he did on his truck…like me!

Bug Out Vehicle Viability

While Kevin’s truck isn’t the fancy Armored car type bug out vehicle you see in the movies, it’s a realistic option for most preppers. Being able to have a truck that is your daily driver is more cost effective (and more discreet) than having something you never use sitting in your driveway.

Future Plans for the Truck

While Kevin has all the basics like solar power, the ability to cook, cover from the elements and other necessities, he is far from done. We talked about some different options to what he’s done, and what he plans on doing next.

Listen to the Full 2 Part Podcast

Along with having a cool truck Kevin is also the founder of The wilderness Safety Institute and also works in tech security. In part 1 of podcast with him we covered his bug out vehicle/everyday driver in more detail, as well as wilderness medicine.

In part 2 of the show we talked about Cyber Security and the Dark Web. While talking about his truck was great, the second half of the podcast was even better…in my opinion.

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