The events that unfolded On January 6th at our nation’s capital has put a black eye on everything the Trump administration has done in the last 4 years. While there are bigger issues at the core of people’s issues, this needs to be condemned as harshly as we condemned all the other riots that happened in 2020.

As the event unfolded during the day we decided to jump on YouTube and talk about our feelings on this situation and post an “unscheduled” podcast about how the republicans are frustrated in this country, and how hypocrisy exists on every side of the isle these days.

We all know that republicans don’t get a fair shake in the media. The left can have riots going on all year and they are called “mostly peaceful”. When it happens on the right it’s because of extremists and insurrectionists.

Just like every riots that went on in 2020, the bigger issues get overshadowed by a small minority that decide to take things too far and start causing destruction. While election integrity may be the catalyst for these DC riots, the root cause is something much deeper.

You can bet that the politicians i-on the left will seize this opportunity to demonize the right even more. We could be in for a long few years and expect even more censorship to come our way. If the media and our elected officials (on both sides) continue to ignore these issues, this problem is only going to get worse.

Full Video of the Show

Amen and Awoman!?

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