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Get ready, because the show is just getting started, and I’m not talking about this one. We’ve proven we can be controlled and locked down. We’ve proven that the government can distribute money wherever they deem “necessary”. And we’ve proven that we are willing to let big tech dictate who gets a voice.

We no longer have to worry just about the government destroying the country. Big Tech can do far more damage with its ability to shape society and culture. They have anointed themselves Gods, and decide who and what gets heard.

What concerns me is not that conservatives voices are being censored, but that most people are OK with it, and it doesn’t happen on all sides. The people on the left and on the right will find their places to go. The people in the middle are subject to whatever is considered “Mainstream” or “Safe”. This group of people (the largest) could be easily manipulated.

I wish I had a time machine to go back to the 1770’s and be a fly on the wall. I imagine it would be very similar to today. Most people calling people like our founding fathers insurrectionists, and criminals.

Censorship was always inevitable with these social media sites. It’s gone from something that people use to connect, to something people NEED to feel connected.

It’s human nature. People want normalcy and the status quo. Most people don’t care about the big picture, they care about their picture.

People have become dependent on these social networks. These companies have created products that are so easy and convenient people won’t leave them.

Topics in Todays Show

  • The DC Riots and the Repercussions
  • Cashing in on the Pandemic
  • Censorship and Free Speech
  • The New Fear Porn

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