In tonight’s show we will be going over how to deal with the one uppers and the keyboard warrior, talking about some mistakes preppers make. We’ll also be continuing our conversation from last week about our prepping concerns and priorities going through this year and beyond.

Prepping Concerns & Priorities

We mentioned in the last show about what prepping concerns we have for the coming year, and in this show, we go over what our prepping priorities are and where we are focusing our attention. As we’ve said before, it seems like any sort of disaster or SHTF event can and will happen in the near future, and we need to be prepared for that.

Possible disaster scenarios on the horizon include an economic crisis, civil unrest, military conflicts, and a pandemic resurgence to name a few. How we prepare for these events is paying attention to the basics of preparedness in overdrive. The more self-sufficient we are the more likely we are to survive any sort of SHTF event or events.

A few things we mentioned in this video are preparing to live locally and being less reliant on the supply lines, investing in not only gold and silver but preparedness supplies, and getting out of debt. We never know what sort of disaster or SHTF scenario might happen, so it’s important to have a well rounded preparedness plan. 

Most Common Prepping Mistakes

Because there is some much involved with preparedness, and it’s somewhat a “Hurry up and wait” situation, it can be tough to maintain our preparedness level. In this video we talked about some of the most common prepping mistakes, and how we can avoid these common prepping pitfalls.

For the beginning prepper these mistakes are somewhat unavoidable, but for the seasoned prepper it’s more of a self-inflicted wound. The further we go in our preparedness journey the harder it is to stay focused and avoid prepping mistakes. When nothing happens for a while we tend to get complacent with our preps and overestimate our abilities and preparedness level. 

To me, being prepared and prepping is something that every single American really needs to be doing. The level of preparedness is completely dependent on the individuals wants and needs. If you are just beginning your prepping journey this is a great place to start.

Having a false sense of security, preparing for the wrong disasters (or ignoring other disaster scenarios) and not stockpiling the right prepping supplies are all traps we fall into from time to time. It’s important that we identify these prepping pitfalls as quickly as possible and correct them.

Read the full article from Survivalist Prepper about 10 Mistakes Most Preppers Make

Anti-Police Rhetoric & The Repercussions

Because everyone has a camera on them, and because the internet has given everyone a voice, our law enforcement officers are under constant scrutiny. Unfortunately, the mentality seems to be guilty until proven innocent these days. Where does all this demonizing the police and the Anti-police rhetoric lead?

Cancel culture and wokisim have sunk their teeth into the very people here to serve and protect us. While there are steps that should be taken to reform the police, defunding the police can only lead to higher crime rates in the very cities trying to convict them. 

Where does all this anti-police rhetoric lead? Will police officers be less likely to intervene in an active crime? Will there be a decline in people even wanting to get a job in law enforcement? Only time will tell, but I don’t see how this can’t have a negative effect on law enforcement and crime in the coming years.

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