Tonight we will be going over some unique or uncommon prepping supplies, 10 radical rules that are changing America (and the world), as well as taking a lighthearted look at what makes us preppers.

You Might Be a Prepper If…

The truth is everyone is a prepper, whether they like to admit it or not. Anyone who has car insurance, homeowner’s insurance or has bought a little extra food at the grocery store because of an upcoming snowstorm is preparing, and therefore in one way or another are preppers.

We as preppers just choose to see the big picture rather than just preparing for tomorrow. Our prepping is insurance for when something so bad happens that no insurance company can bail us out, we are essentially our own insurance company.

As they say, “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive” So with that in mind I took a light-hearted look at some of things that we might do on a daily basis that the “normal” (and I use that word loosely) person would not even have a clue about. And as Jeff Foxworthy would say.

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Uncommon Supplies

A little while back Dale did a video over at the Survivalist Prepper YouTube channel titled 8 Uncommon Prepping Supplies That Just Make Sense. Tonight, we are going to go into a little more detail about those supplies, as well as any that the group chat comes up with.

We’ve all seen the articles about prepping supplies you must have, or prepping supplies you forgot. These articles are great, but let’s be honest, we probably already have all the prepping supplies on these lists, or there’s a reason we don’t.

Rather than talk about the same basic prepping gear and supplies that everyone else has been talking about since the beginning of prepping, we want to take a different approach. Dale put together a list of items you don’t hear about all the time, but they might make sense to include in your prepping plans.

Radical Rules Changing America (and the world)

If you are a regular listener to this show you know we talk about the changing culture (cancel Culture) and the hypocrisy that seems to run rampant in our society.

When it comes to government spending, trillions are the new billions, and the printing presses are working overtime. Everyone is considered guilty until proven innocent, and the general public are to be treated as little children. Lies are acceptable as long as they are deemed “for the greater good”.

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