We talk about SHTF scenarios caused by an EMP’s, CME’s an economic collapse, or civil unrest all the time in the preparedness community. But what if we are in the mists of a self-inflicted SHTF event that unfolds so slowly that we don’t even notice until it’s too late?

We have made some amazing advancements in medicine, technology and in society in general over the past century, but what cost are we willing to pay in the name of evolution? How much “collateral damage” is acceptable in the name of advancement?

In tonight’s show we are going to talk about the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex as Dr. Zach Bush calls it, poisoning our food supply for fatter chickens and taller corn, and playing God with gain of function research on viruses.

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex

Did you know that the United States and New Zealand are the only 2 countries where pharmaceutical companies can pimp their products on TV? While there have been some amazing advancements in medicine over the last century, this idea of “there’s a pill for that” has taken over society.

People no longer look to mother nature for remedies, or worse, they take their health for granted because there’s a pill to treat everything. Big Pharma plays a big role in Washington D.C., and while there are some hoops to jump through to get something “approved”, lining a few pockets and finding (or creating) loopholes has never been easier.  

Safety Third!?

Our whole lives we’ve been told safety first, so what the heck does “safety third” even mean? Safety third doesn’t mean completely forgetting about safety first, it’s more about personal accountability, and not depending on others to have your best interest at heart.

Brian wrote this article about Safety Third, and in that article he talked about an episode of Deadliest Catch with Mike Rowe. What they were talking about in that show was personal accountability.

“When it comes to our personal protection, we MUST be our own greatest advocates. We should NOT expect others to put our safety as their first priority. That may be surprising to some people. However, think about it this way. If our well-being is someone else’s top priority, who makes that person’s well-being their top priority?”


Gain of Function Research

As more news comes out about the origins of Coivd 19, it’s looking more likely that this was something that escaped from a lab rather than coming from a wet market in China. While there is no evidence to say that this was released on purpose, I think the bigger issue is the fact we are playing God with microbiology.

Another issue with the origin of Covid story is the lack of urgency to uncover the real story from the scientific community and the media. The scientific community depends on grant money from governments, so I sort of get that…although I don’t like it. The media however is supposed to be our watchdog, but they have been failing at that job more than ever in the past few years.

The Hollywoodization of Society

The internet has changed the way we go about our everyday lives…and for the most part in a good way. Because of how easily we can access information, the flood gates have been opened for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to push their narrative at us. What affect is this having on society?

Propaganda, censorship, and misinformation has never been a bigger issue than it is today. Politicians and big name personalities use social media to shape our opinions, pit us against each other, and make it seem like small issues are world changing events.

In the show we also talked about how people can say anything they want on social media without the fear of having to back up what they say or debate a subject. People find groups and create bubbles where everyone agrees with them, giving them the impression that everyone thinks like they do.

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