In todays Show we might go off the deep end a little bit. Who am I kidding, we have Lisa joining us tonight so we are DEFINITELY going off the deep end.

We’ll be talking about the recent UFO disclosures, whether they are man-made or alien technology, and a couple of other conspiracy theories Lisa has been researching. The main ones being the World Economic Forum, The Great Reset, and where we are headed.

UFO Disclosures

While UFOs isn’t your typical “prepping topic” those of you that know Lisa know that she just can’t help herself. In the show, we discussed how in all likelihood these aren’t aliens from across the galaxy. Rather, they are most likely technology from right here at home.

We also discussed why the government is all of the sudden interested in disclosing previously classified information about UFOs. Is it because the cat will soon be out of the bag anyway? Or is it because they are distracting us from something else?

Event 201

In next week’s show, we will be going into detail about The World Economic Forum, The Great Reset gameplan, and where this could all lead. In today’s show we talked about Event 201 which was an exercise in 2019 that hypothesized how a pandemic would play out.

The way they “hypothesized” a coronavirus pandemic would play out was eerily similar to how it actually played out. It seems as though the media and world leaders took their playbook and used it verbatim.

Cyber Polygon

The next big event from The World Economic Forum is called cyber polygon. Cyber Polygon is a unique cybersecurity event that combines the world’s largest technical training exercise for corporate teams and an online conference featuring senior officials from international organizations and leading corporations.

There is nothing wrong with training, practicing, and hypothesizing about different scenarios, as preppers we do it all the time. The reason we question events like these is because of who is involved and what their ulterior motives might be.

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