In today’s show, we go over how The World Economic Forum plans to take over the world, and run our daily lives like a business. Along with talking about The World Economic Forum, we will be going over the best home defense weapon for each induvial and new recently released tax documents of the 25 richest people In America.

Best Weapon for Home Defense

In the first segment of the show, we talked about the latest ruling coming out of California that overruled the ban on AR15 sporting rifles. While this is a win for the good guys, they have already appealed this ruling. What would it mean if this made it all the way to the supreme court?

In the show I played a clip from a Navy Seal talking about why he thought a modern sporting rifle was his choice for best home defense weapon. Brian adamantly disagreed with his thoughts, but it was a very good discussion about what the best weapon for home defense is.

The Great Reset & The World Economic Forum

There is no doubt that change is coming in one form or another. Automation & technology is changing the workforce, and digital currency will replace the paper dollar soon. The question is how will all this unfold, and what growing pains can we expect because of it.

With the income gap between the uber-rich elites and the average person increasing what lies ahead for the future of our country and the world? The World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab thinks they have the answer. That answer is The Great Reset, or more accurately a corporate takeover of government by the elites.

You can read the full article (with all the links mentioned) about The World Economic Forum here. Next week we will be going over what all this means to the United States. The odds that the WEF game plan comes to fruition, there are some pieces of their plans that current governments might implement, and some that they already have.

Leaked Tax Documents of the Super Rich

ProPublica recently got its hands on a trove of tax information of the 25 richest people in America. This may come as no surprise, but Elan Musk, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg pay very little in taxes, while the average person takes it in the shorts.

This opens a whole can of worms about our current tax code, who is benefitting from it, and why our politicians are so hesitant to change it. My bet is they benefit from these loopholes and tax breaks themselves. Wouldn’t it have been nice to see our politicians tax records?

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    • J. Gibson

      Not the same old reviews of prepper basics. This is actual conversations regarding current events and how they may impact our lives. Great show! Highly recommend for all that want to delve deeper into our quickly changing world.

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