In last week’s show, we talked about The World Economic Forum and their agenda for The Great Reset of society and governance. In this week’s show, we will go into more detail about why it concerns us, and what it could mean for the United States and other countries around the world.

We also went back to the basics and talked about why it’s important to have car kits in all our vehicles, and how the landscape of media is changing.

Change is coming one way or another, and we need to be ready for that change. These coming changes will affect the direction our country goes, what to prepare for, how we prepare, and our ability to prepare in the first place.

Car Kits

We don’t talk a lot about basic preparedness but we found a good article from TheArtOfMenliness that goes over quite a few good ideas for what supplies you should keep in your vehicle.

While car kit supplies are fairly basic, sometimes we can forget about rotation, and some of the gear gets moved or used. Sometimes as we journey through preparedness we forget about the little stuff. It’s always good to go back to the basics from time to time.

The Great Reset Agenda

With every passing disaster, the strength and influence of the World Economic Forum & corporate elites grows. They may not be able to take complete control of global governance, but they can (and do) infect Washington with their ideas and policies. Forget about SARS and Covid, the WEF’s Multistakeholder pandemic could the worst pandemic we’ve seen in history.

In the show we talked about what this Multistakeholder model is, as well as some of the big concerns about the WEF wanting to control the 4th industrial revolution. The WEF wants to control everything from Digital Currency to controlling the internet itself.

The Multistakeholder Model is slowly whittling away at sovereignty and democracy. Corporations set up these not-for-profit stakeholder institutions who operate under the guise of being socially responsible. They then donate to the MSI’s to avoid paying taxes, essentially weakening the government & strengthening the MSI’s. If rules or restrictions get in the way, they send in the lobbyists to line the pockets of greedy politicians

Is Corporate Media Disintegrating?

The news these days is no more than someone presenting a news topic and giving their opinion. The only difference between them and YouTube personalities is the corporate agenda. In the show we talked about how and why these corporate news agencies are dying.

The show The Rising which used to be a show from The Hill is now Breaking Points on YouTube.  We talked about why they (and others) chose to move from corporate media so they could say what they want to say.

Unfortunately, the censorship on YouTube is growing. YouTube is choosing to show “verified” or “Trusted” sources in their search. Could this be a bad move by YouTube because people don’t go to YouTube to watch the news? Is this censorship? Or a business decision?

We also covered why this is happening, and what changes might we see in how people consume information in the future? The video below from Fox news is of Joe Rogan talking about how people don’t trust the Corporate news anymore. These days it’s 95% opinion mixed in with 5% fact.

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