In this week’s show, we have a fantastic guest with us to talk about her experiences with cancel culture and the different types of prepping. Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper will be on with us to talk about how finding good preparedness information is harder than ever these days, and how you prepare is dependent on your situation.

While the prepping basics are universal, going beyond that means adapting your preparedness plans to fit your family, your lifestyle, and your wants and needs. Being prepared is important, but so is living a full life. Hiding in your bunker waiting for the bombs to drop is no way to live.

We talk quite a bit on this show about where society is heading, and how it applies to preparedness. Not just what to prepare for, but our ability to prepare in the first place. Over at The Organic Prepper Daisy has experienced firsthand where we are headed in society, and what information is deemed too controversial for the oversensitive society we now live in.

If you’ve watched the show before you know we tend to go down rabbit holes, so who knows where else we’ll go this week. Nevertheless, it’s going to be a great show!

Read Daisy’s article at The Organic Prepper on being labeled a “disinformation” website

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