This week, we have a fantastic guest with us to talk about preparedness and the current political and social climate we are living in. Franklin Horton is one of the top dystopian fiction (prepper fiction) authors out there and is the real deal when it comes to prepping.

What makes Franklin stand out is that he doesn’t just write prepper fiction; he lives the preparedness lifestyle. Although the books he writes are fiction, they are packed with preparedness and survival lessons.

On top of being a great writer, Franklin has some great incites to share and has a great personality, and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of preparedness. As you will hear in the show, Franklin was raised having a preparedness mindset.

If you are like me and find it more convenient to listen to an Audible audiobook, Franklin’s got you covered. All his books are available on Audible. He also uses Kevin Peirce to narrate his books, who has (in my opinion) the perfect prepper fiction voice.

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