In today’s show we go over episode 3 of the Doomsday Preppers series, and also water storage and water safety. One of the most important aspects of preparedness and survival is water, and it’s also the most challenging part. Getting water is one thing; having enough to last an extended period of time is quite another.

Tim Ralston (preparing for an EMP) is possibly the most memorable show that Nat Geo did, and perhaps the one that did the most damage to preppers.

Water Storage & Safety

With all the different areas of preparedness we need to think about, water storage is relatively straightforward. You need one gallon, per person, per day, and it needs to be stored in a container that isn’t going to leak all over the floor.

While that sounds pretty simple, there is much more to water storage than that. Today’s show goes over water storage ideas, finding water in a disaster, and cleaning your water to make it drinkable.

Storing water is the simple part; keeping enough for your family and ensuring it’s safe to drink is a little more challenging. That’s why we need to look at every option available in or around our area.

In the show we talked about water storage, finding water, and filtering water. We talked about three articles from the Survivalist Prepper website which are linked below.

Water Storage

Finding Water in a Disaster

Water Filtration & Safety

Doomsday Preppers

In Season 1 Episode 3 of Doomsday Preppers (Link to Full Show Here) we discussed the guests Tim Ralston & Pat Brabble. While there are some great things both of these preppers have done, there are a couple of head-scratchers. We all know that the producers love making preppers look a little crazy, but they didn’t have to try hard in this episode.

Pat Brabble (Economic Collapse): Pat and his family have quite the preparedness plan, but a couple of things he did don’t make much sense. With that being said, there are aspects of his preparedness plans that probably make people a little jealous.   

Tim Ralston (EMP): While we try to be realistic in our assessment of the preppers on the show, this one had our blood boiling. By blowing his thumb off, Tim singlehandedly made preppers look dangerous and reinforced some people’s “crazy prepper” notions.

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