In tonight’s show, we have Shawn of the Into The Wilderness YouTube Channel on with us to talk about everyday carry supplies, prepping in the city, and managing your prepping budget. We’ll also talk about what Shawn can do as far as preparing is concerned, given his current situation.

More goes into it than what you put in your pockets when it comes to everyday prepping gear. EDC is about having the supplies you need available when needed, and sometimes those supplies are in your head.

EDC & Car Kits

During the segment where we talked about EDC supplies, we also went into detail about car kits and what supplies we keep in our vehicles. As we said in the show, you might as well use any space you have available for prepping gear.

In that segment, we talked about survival bars and other food options, standard emergency car kits, and a few things that most people don’t think about, but preppers certainly do. Some of the most essential considerations are things people don’t have. Having a jack, a lug wrench, jumper cables, and a way to fix a flat tire are all simple things some people ignore.

Prepping in the City

During the show, a listener asked a question about living in a condo and the prepping challenges. This turned into a good conversation about the challenges of prepping in the city and the challenges you might face.

You will have to deal with other people, whether you are prepping in a condo, prepping in an apartment, or prepping in a neighborhood where the houses are almost on top of each other. You can be doing everything right, but they can still affect your situation if they aren’t.

The BugOutLocation After Show

We recently sent out an email that explains some of the exciting things we have planned over at, and one of those things is the after-show or the Back Stage Pass, as we call it. Along with the preparedness courses, wholesale prices on long-term food, and a bunch of other stuff, members will have access to our weekly live videos.

If you are currently a member of the BOL, make sure and tune in on Sunday nights and join the conversation. If you aren’t a member yet, you can become one here.

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