Today’s show goes over a listener question about forming prepping groups, mafia-style groups in an SHTF scenario, and how the black market could be the primary means of acquiring goods in several disaster scenarios.

We also covered why the government wants to track transactions over $600 and how they will have records of every big purchase we make. This is just the latest attempt to tighten their grip on the American public.

Building Prepping Groups

We recently received a question from a listener about the challenges he has faced with forming a prepping group. Because this is a question we have heard many times over the years, we wanted to give our 2 cents on the subject.

The truth is that there is no cut-and-dry answer. While there is an “Ideal plan,” that plan won’t work for everyone. Putting together the perfect prepping group takes a lot of work and a lot of luck. In the show, we talked about some of the challenges, and some possible workarounds.

SHTF Mafia Style Groups

In any long-term disaster, situation groups are bound to form. While most groups will be built to help each other out, some groups will want to take advantage of the dire situation.

This show segment was a combination of fun and asking the hypothetical question, “will groups use Mafia-style tactics in an SHTF situation”? On the surface, this might seem a bit farfetched, but the mafia was in its heyday during the great depression.

The Black-Market Economy & the Value of Money

Keeping with the theme of what an SHTF economy might look like, we went over a couple of articles from Fabian at The Organic Prepper about How black markets work and how cash will be king in most disaster scenarios.

While there are some legitimate concerns about the actual value of paper money in or after an SHTF situation, quite a few scenarios don’t involve hyperinflation or the dollar becoming worthless. On top of that, you have EMP’s, bank holidays, and the vast majority of people who don’t have a single dollar bill in their pocket.

Govt Tracking & Hoarding Laws

Why would the government feel it’s necessary to track any transaction over $600? There are a couple of reasons for this and why it’s another step to track the average American’s every move.

Economically speaking, this will stifle entrepreneurs and small businesses who already operate on a shoestring budget. The $600 number is far too low to be directed at big corporations, so that means this law is being put into place to make more money from Joe Public.

The other more concerning aspect of the government tracking any purchase you make over $600 is the tracking capabilities. In this article from TheModernSurvivalBlog, you can see how anti-hoarding laws make it possible for the govt to take whatever they want from you. How easy would this be if they could track your gun purchases and food storage purchases?

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