WTF happened in 1971? Today’s show talks about how our country has evolved since going away from the gold standard, and there is nothing good about it. We also talked about the age-old prepper question, “can the government come to take your food?”

Because there is so much that goes into each of these topics, we covered quite a bit more. We talked about the possibility (or certainty) of the Fed Coin, Executive orders in place that allows the government to do whatever they doom “Necessary,” and what it would take for them to implement martial law.

WTF Happened in 1971?

We recently came across a website with some staggering charts and graphs about how our country has changed since we went away from the gold standard in 1971. Getting off the gold standard allowed the government more flexibility to maintain a good economy. It also allowed them to act recklessly with less responsibility.

The statistics on the website WTFHappenedIn1971 show how the income disparity, the political divide, and inflation have skyrocketed. Going away from the gold standard has made this country a debtor nation that prints money on demand, never addressing the real issues.

The Golden Age

In the show, we discussed how this could be the reason we have been living in a golden age. Life has never been better in the U.S. and around the world, but at what cost?  By having the ability to control the economy artificially, they are just pushing off the inevitable.

The New Currency

Countries throughout history have changed currency, and the U.S. changed its money in 1971 by going off the gold standard. Governments do this to reset their economies. What happens when the current monetary system fails?

It may be soon time to welcome in the digital dollar and/or the Fed Coin. This could also be why the government seems uninterested in how much money they spend or print. The big question is, what does life look like during and after this transition.

Will They Come for Your Food Storage?

Over the past few podcasts, we have talked about how the government wants to track any bank transaction you make over $600. This will not only put a stranglehold on small businesses, but it will also allow them to track gun purchases and bulk food purchases, among other things.

This led to the question, “can they come into my home and take my food storage?” The answer to this is both yes, and no. Yes, they can, but will they? Many executive orders have been put into place, giving them authority over commander supplies and resources in times of crisis. This was used recently with masks and medical supplies.

While this has been done a few times, the most memorable is the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act of 2012. This act gives them authority in peacetime and times of war.

Martial law

In the show we talked about what happens when an emergency or Martial Law is declared? It’s very rare that Martial Law is implemented and has never been fully implemented. This is because the ramifications would be devastating to the current political system.

When Martial Law is declared, The military takes over, the constitution is suspended & Habeas Corpus is suspended. This means they can arrest you and keep you there as long as they want. While full scale Martial Law is unlikely, it’s still possible.

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