The more things change, the more they stay the same. In tonight’s show we will be going over the movie Enemy of the State and how even though technology has grown leaps and bounds since 1998, the tactics remain the same. The Patriot Act was put into place shortly after this movie came out, which made spying on American citizens easier than ever.

We’ll also be discussing the ramifications of Deep Fakes. This technology is advancing to the point where it’s possible to create a person out of thin air. They would like us to not trust our eyes and ears right now, but what happens when we really can’t?

Fiction vs. Reality

This week, in the show, we talked about how the movie Enemy Of the State was a story of fiction filled with facts and accuracies about how the deep state can work. While the movie was made in 1998, and today’s technology is far superior, the tactics remain the same.

We went over how easily that can track you in this segment and the data we freely give away to tech companies. We give away this data without a second thought, all in the name of convenience.

Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact

More than ever lately, calling something a conspiracy theory is something people do until the facts come out. Conspiracy theory used to apply to things like the Kenedy assassination or aliens. Still, these days anything that goes against the accepted narrative is considered a conspiracy theory…until it isn’t, that is.

We also talked about how politicians create hate to keep us divided, how voting is an exercise in futility, and how “free” is the country that claims to be all about freedom.

Deep Fake Technology

Hackers and spammers these days use techniques that are soon to be outdated. In the future, you might actually get a phone call from that Nigerian prince that has 10 million dollars for you. Or maybe your wife calls and asks for the credit card number because she forgot hers.

Politicians, bad actors, and even governments are bound to use this technology against their enemies, or for plausible deniability. “That wasn’t me in the hotel with a hooker, that was a deep fake”.

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