Tonight, we will discuss ways to secure your property and make it less appealing to would-be criminals by adding deterrents, and we take a social credit score quiz to see how preppers would fare in China. We also go over a few “prepper gift” ideas with approaching Christmas.

Social Credit Score

We started this show off by taking an example quiz to see how we would fair with Chinas social credit score. This evolved (or devolved) into a conversation about how this is already happening here in the U.S. and around the world.

While it may not be a government-mandated scoring system, politicians, corporations, and society in general, are already putting people in separate boxes. Question the vaccine; you’re an anti-vaxxer. Support the second amendment; you’re a domestic terrorist.  

Home Fortification & Perimeter Security

Over at Mind4Survival, Brian wrote an article about fortifying your home for an SHTF event (Link Below). In that article, he talked about securing your home, property, and perimeter.

So, our modern times have you wondering how to fortify your home for an SHTF event. Whether it’s the craziness of our current times, the riots, the economy, the state of politics, the pandemic, China, etc., you’re right to be concerned. And, if you’re concerned, then the blog post Brian wrote is for you.


In it, he shares the ins and outs of fortifying your home so that when life goes south, at least your house won’t be taken by surprise.


If someone really wants to come and take what you have, there’s not much we can do to stop them, but we can make that job as hard as possible for them. We can have deterrents in and around our home that make them think twice about your home.

We talked about dogs for security, concealment and cover, and making your property as unappealing as possible in the show. We also went off the rails a little bit, talking about putting up plywood silhouettes to make it look like you have a well-guarded property.  

Prepper Gifts

It seems like every prepping show or podcast has a prepping gift show this time of year. I think this is because there is so much in the way of supplies. The list of gifts you can give preppers is seemingly endless.

In this week’s show, we talked about some big-ticket prepper gifts you can give the prepper who has everything. We have the links below for the products we discussed in this segment. We also covered a few more that aren’t linked to below.

Know Your Neighbors

As we discussed home security, deterrents, and alarms, we went down a rabbit hole talking about getting to know our neighbors. I think it’s important to try and get an idea about who they are and if they will be a benefit or liability in any disaster situation.

We also talked about how our neighbors, operational security might view us and the side effects of giving away too much information or coming off as that crazy neighbor no one wants to deal with.

Links From the Show…

Prepping Gifts


EMP Shield

Food Freeze Dryer

Carey Smart Canner

Securing Your Property

Mind4Survival Fortify Your Home

Survivalist Prepper Perimeter Alarms

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