What would it take for you to abandon your preps and bug out? And what is the best vehicle to do that with? Today we’ll discuss why one of the most popular topics in preparedness is also a worst-case scenario option.

We’ll also talk about how even though we get the label “crazy conspiracy theorist,” quite a few of these theories have been proven true. Most alarming is the government’s willingness to use citizens as lab rats.  

The Patriot Front

There is a new threat to our democracy (sarcasm) called The Patriot Front, if you haven’t heard. This video addresses how this looks to be some sort of setup. It sprang out of nowhere and is very polished and organized.

Could it be a legitimate far-right group? Sure. But the warning signs are there that this is a group formed by government agencies or NGOs to further a narrative.

The Realities of Bugging Out

One of the most popular topics among preppers is bugging out. This includes bug-out bags & bug-out vehicles as well. But how probable is it that we will need to pack up and leave the security of our homes and all our supplies and get out of dodge?

In this video, we discuss these possibilities. While it may be unlikely, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Dr. Peter McCullough Early Treatment

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Dr. Peter McCullough gave his opinions on what could have been done during the pandemic to reduce the death toll.

Dr. McCullough believes that early treatment for covid symptoms could have helped people avoid hospitalizations. Instead, governments worldwide went straight to the vaccine as the only solution.

Bug Out Vehicles

A common topic in the prepping community is what makes an excellent bug-out vehicle or “the best” bug-out vehicle? The truth is there are so many variables that go into picking a bug-out vehicle, and there isn’t a single answer.

In the show, we talked about some of these variables, and how realistically, the best BOV is probably already sitting in your driveway.

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