With 2021 almost over, it’s time to look back at everything that unfolded this year. What lessons can we learn from the last year, and what’s possible in the coming year. We’ll also be going over communications options for preppers. How would you gather information or get the word out in a disaster or SHTF situation?

Looking Back at 2021

As 2021 kicked off, the prepping community felt a sense of dread about what was ahead. While some of our concerns didn’t come to fruition, most did, and there were even some unexpected events.

The year started with a pandemic and a contested election, and then we had Texas storms, a Kentucky Tornado, and the Afghanistan withdrawal. On top of that, we saw price hikes, inflation, and shortages.

Conflicted the Game

In our new Conflicted question of the week segment, we talked about two hypothetical scenarios from the Desolation deck. The first involved a nuclear conflict, and the second involved bug-out locations.

What would you get if you had 10 minutes at a grocery store to fill up your cart? If you came across an empty cabin while bugging out, would you use it for a bug-out location? We talked about both of these SHTF scenarios in this video.

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