In this Sunday’s show, we will discuss some of the fundamentals of prepping. While the supplies and prepping gear are essential, family planning, having important documents on hand, and family communications are vital in any disaster.

Family Planning

Communications and disaster planning are some of the most important aspects of preparedness. What would you do if you were on your way to work and suddenly the power in the city went out? The more important question is, what would your family and loved ones do?

We know that a power outage could be caused by several things ranging from a blown transformer to a full-blown EMP, but does your family know how to tell the difference?

The sad truth is that most people are incredibly unprepared to handle any disaster scenario. While we can’t help everyone, we can make sure our family understands the basics, at the very least.

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Emergency Binders

There are two essential binders for emergency preparedness: an Emergency procedures binder and a binder for important documents. The importance of having an emergency documents binder is obvious, but most people don’t have plans written out for what to do in a disaster scenario.

Most of us spend quite a bit of time researching and learning about preparedness, so it seems a little redundant to put that information we already know in a binder. The truth is, not only could that help us in a stressful situation, but it could also help those family members that are not entirely on board with prepping.

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Could You Turn Them Away

One part of prepping that is sometimes overlooked or not given the consideration it deserves is what you will do when someone comes knocking on your door. I’m not talking about the wondering stranger; I’m talking about close family members that may or may not know you are prepping.

The question we need to ask ourselves and think about very seriously is who you would turn away and what extended family members would you help out in a disaster or SHTF event.

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