We are excited to have The Organic Prepper, Daisy Luther, back on the show to discuss the latest in her battle against censors. This second censorship attack on her site is by the oppressive US government-backed, anti-free speech organization, NewsGuard. 

Also, in this episode, if you think the censors will stop shutting down sites, think again because China is developing a porn censorship helmet. So, eventually, not only will you not have Freedom of speech, but if the global oligarchy has its way, you will no longer have Freedom of thought. 

During this episode, Daisy discusses the first assault on her site, her team of preparedness writers, and the prepping community at large by an advertising company that removed its ad network from The Organic Prepper website because Daisy stood up for Freedom of speech. That drew a line in the sand of Freedom cost the Organic Prepper thousand that went to support the website, its writers, and their families. 

In this most recent attack, NewGuard and the young 20-something-year-old, with a college degree and an apparent dislike for Freedom of opinion, targetted the Organic Prepper with demands more in line with the East German Stazi than a Freedom loving American.  

This time, the Stazi-like censors, backed by US DOD and possibly CIA tax dollars, demanded Daisy change and remove opinion-based content so that it conforms with the official commie narrative being pushed by our ruling class. 

Now, not only is the Organic Prepper fighting for Freedom, it’s fighting for its existence. Not being happy with Daisy’s stance on offering both sides of an issue, NewsGuard and its seemingly pipsqueak-jack-booted-thugs have graded the Organic Prepper as a distributor of misinformation. The only misinformation here is, we believe, what is being promoted by NewsGuard and its heinous trolls. 

So, tune in to this episode of The Survival Preppers for the latest on this topic and others.

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    1 Response to "TSP106: Censorship & the New Ministry of Truth with Daisy Luther"

    • Outdoor Idaho

      Gent’s, At the end Dale said there’s nothing you can do. But there is. I listen to you on Fountian. I thought that was a great show and I tried to give you a boost but your show wasn’t set up for it. What we can do is set ourselves up with the parallel economy. I, like you, thought there wasn’t anything to be done but after much research discovered the beginning of new economy. Take a look at Jack Spirko’s Bitcoin Breakout channel. I know, I know you probably heard it before but it makes a lot of sense to this old man. Just a suggestion.

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