Because last night’s show imploded, we decided to give it another shot today. Tonight’s “Live show is prerecorded to avoid the internet issues that got us last night. 

In tonight’s show, we go over the insanity going on over on Twitter and how people on the left are losing their collective minds. The people who can’t handle an opposing viewpoint are acting like Elon Musk is putting together a right-wing echo chamber. 

We’ll also be giving out thoughts on the FTX fiasco and how there seems to be much more to this than it just being a Ponzi scheme. With Ukraine involved and Brinkman being the second largest donor to the democrat party, is this just a huge money laundering scheme? 

Finally, in the show, we talk about what we can expect from republicans (if anything) now that they have taken control of the house of representatives. Does this mean we finally find out about Hunter Biden’s laptop? Don’t hold your breath. 

Links From the Show

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