In this podcast, we will discuss a few preparedness topics with Vision Preparedness, who has his own channel on Youtube. A couple of prepping topics we will cover are weapons and hunting in SHTF, what we might see in 2023, and some of the most important prepping skills.

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Hunting in SHTF or Long Term Disaster

Knowing the different types of weapons and what purpose they serve is essential in a preparedness lifestyle. Depending on the situation and location, you may need to defend yourself with weapons from wildlife or other threats. 

It is important to be well versed in the use of bows, crossbows, firearms, and knives particularly for hunting or self-defense scenarios. Knowing what type of weapon to use for different situations can save your life in a survival setting.

Silent Weapons Like Compound Bows or Crossbows

Silent weapons like compound bows or crossbows are ideal for scenarios where you need to hunt for food without alerting potential predators or other survivors of your presence. They can be used in various scenarios, including hunting small and large game, as well as self-defense applications. It’s important to practice shooting accurately with these weapons before relying on them in an emergency situation.

Power Grid Vulnerabilities 

With natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, outages are more than just an inconvenience—they could put you in immediate danger. Lack of access to electricity can cause major disruptions in everyday life, ranging from no kitchen appliances to no communication devices. 

Being prepared for a power outage requires gathering essential supplies and knowledge. First, it’s important to gather the necessary supplies like flashlights, candles and lighters or waterproof matches. Second, you should pick up some non-perishable food items so you can keep your energy up without relying on the refrigerator or stovetop. Finally, it’s important to learn about alternative energy sources such as solar panels or generators if you need to rely on electricity during difficult times.

Attacks on the Power Grid

A power grid attack is an intentional effort to damage or disrupt the infrastructure that powers the country. The most common type of attack is a cyber attack, where criminals try to access and control key systems from outside sources. 

In addition to cyber attacks, terrorists can launch physical attacks on power grids by physically damaging transformers and disabling substations with explosives. Preparing for these kinds of major crises requires careful planning and knowledge about potential threats.

Preparing for Food Shortages

One of the first steps to being prepared for any emergency is having a plan for food in case of a shortage. To make sure you have enough food during an emergency, create a stockpile that can last three months or more. 

Additionally, keep enough non-perishable foods on hand and learn how to store them properly. Stock up on items such as canned goods, energy bars, rice, beans and pasta to ensure you have several days’ worth of meals that don’t require perishable ingredients.

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