Friday night during our livestream the show was suddenly ended for “content violations”. It seems odd that while we were talking about the deep state, the Patriot Act and the surveillance state we get shut down.

While we’re not quite sure what the explanation is (or will be) we have our thoughts. In today’s show we go over what happened, and go into more detail about censorship, who defines the truth, and how preppers are getting put into this category of dangerous thinkers.

In the show where our live stream was abruptly ended we were discussing the movie Enemy of the State. The movie shows the lengths people in power are willing to go to get what they want. The movie itself is fiction, but the key points are based in reality. Look no further than The Patriot act which was passed in 2001, just 3 years after this movie was made.

You can watch the original version of that video here. We decided to take down the livestream because the version YouTube was showing was not what actually happened. YouTube was showing that the video was cut off during a clip from Enemy of the State. We recorded the livestream and it was cut off before that clip even started.

Poking the Bear

We decided to do another livestream and talk about the exact same topics we were covering the night before. How the deep state works, how easily public opinions are shaped, how most people prefer safety over freedom, and how there is a thin line between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact all affect our future.

The Deep State: When we think of “the deep state” we tend to think about complete agencies and systems that are corrupt. The reality is that it’s more likely to be a group within that agency. Much like the FBI’s abuse of the FISA courts in recent years. It wasn’t the entire FBI, but rather a group of people in high positions. As far as politicians are concerned, they are controlled by the deep state. These could be corporations, political doners, and lobbyists.

By Any Means Necessary: The movie also shows how people in power will do anything they can to get what they want. Destroying people’s lives is justified by claiming it is “for the greater good” of the country. This not only happens between politicians, but also anyone who speaks out about them and big business.

The media also plays a big role in the capability for these people to smear someone. By discrediting someone you make people question their character, and therefore their validity. With “Wokisim” on the rise around the world it’s very easy to destroy someone by shaping public opinion.

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